Mehrkaar Co.

Mehrkaar Company has been established in 1969.

This company is working on industrial molds.

Especially plastic injection molds, die cast and progressive molds.

Since this company has been working 49 years and according to valuable experiences of our managers and engineers and our Equipment; we are capable to manufacture enormous molds.

On the other hand this company has got a professional team; for molds maintenance. And also the other activity of the company is miling services.


  • Design and manufacture of plastic injection molds
  • Design and manufacture of metal molds and progressive molds
  • Design and manufacture of die casting molds
  • Design and construction of blow molds
  • Design and manufacture of silicone and rubber molds

Different parts of molding :

Design and engineering unit

Planning Unit 

Assembly unit 

Machining unit 


Other companies:

Manufacturing equipment :

Molds made in Mehrkaar

•Washing machine door mold/ Arj Co.
•turbo brush vacuum cleaner mold / Pars Co.
• juicer mold / Pars Khazar Co.
•TV frame / Samsung Co.
•Deep drawing Sink/Steel Alborz Co.
•Design and modeling of engine components Pykan: GOLDBOX , HOT BOX , Crescent , Crusader Water Route / IKCO.
•Front and rear bumper van Karevan molds/ Saipa Co.
•Design and manufacture of molds : Dashboard , Air conditioner dashboard , glove box, GRILLE-RAD Black/Parskhodro Co.
•Designing and manufacturing molds dashboard Patrol /Parskhodro Co.
Designing and manufacturing molds door panel Mazda /Bahman Co.
•Design and manufacture of molds Prid : Dashboard , Air conditioner dashboard , glove box, GRILLE-RAD Black/Saipa Co.
•Front and rear bumper Pride Station wagon molds/ Saipa Co.
•Front and rear bumper matiz COWL COVER molds/ kerman motor Co.
•Manufacture of molded base metal parts of the chair Pride X100 / Saipa Co.
•Manufacture of metal parts of Tiba seat base/ Saipa Co.
•Design and manufacture of Full tank/ Parskhodro Co.
•Design and manufacture of Peugeot 405 molds : Air conditioner dashboard GRILLE-RAD Black, HOUSING DASH AIR VENT , Inner Cover seat, MUDGURD /IKCO Co.
•Design and manufacture of mold Peugeot 206 Door Handle /IKCO Co.
•Design and manufacture of  Samand Inner Cover seat/IKCO Co.
•Design and manufacture of fixtures Peugeot 206 : Wire channel ,Brake tube,LED control
Design and manufacture of fixture Wagner Line Iran Khodro
Design and manufacture of  Saina : MUDGURD FRONT & RH , Air dam /Saipa Co.

Molds made in Mehrkaar :